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Friday, January 18, 2002 Permanent link to this day
Spam laws

Spam laws from around the world. [via Red Rock Eater]

Analysis of the CIA/Kennedy assassination link

The Lie That Linked CIA to the Kennedy Assassination: on the history of a link between the CIA and Clay Shaw, who was arrested and tried by Jim Garrison for plotting to kill Kennedy. That link is apparently prominently featured in Oliver Stone's JFK, which I haven't seen yet. Now, this is a CIA sponsored publication, not that I'm implying anything.

CIA missile assessment

The CIA is estimating in a new report, Foreign Missile Developments and the Ballistic Missile Threat Through 2015, that the chances of a long range missile attack against the U.S. is lower than attacks from other means (ships, trucks, airplanes, etc.). This would seem to make spending billions on Bush's National Missile Defense even less sensible than it already is. [via Red Rock Eater]

Terrorism and complex societies

The Rise of Complex Terrorism

Modern societies face a cruel paradox: Fast-paced technological and economic innovations may deliver unrivalled prosperity, but they also render rich nations vulnerable to crippling, unanticipated attacks.

Bioethics Council

Bush's new Council on Bioethics is meeting for the first time yesterday and today to start debating whether humans should be cloned for reproductive or theraputic reasons. The chair, Leon Kass, has testified against reproductive cloning to a previous such panel.

Mount Nyiragongo

Mount Nyiragongo erupted last night, sending lava through the town of Goma 10 kilometers away.

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