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Tuesday, January 29, 2002 Permanent link to this day
World Economic Forum in New York

NY Prepares for World Forum Protests: on preparations for the World Economic Forum, originally to be held in Davos, this week in New York.

Police officials said Monday that they expect demonstrations at this week's World Economic Forum will be mostly peaceful, but they plan to strictly enforce a century-old law barring groups of demonstrators from wearing masks.

Chief of Patrol Joseph Esposito said the law applies to groups of three or more. "Three or more with masks and they're marching, they're under arrest," he said.

[via zem]

Umberto Eco

For the reading list: War is worse than a crime - it's a waste: on Umberto Eco's new book, Five Moral Pieces. [via wood s lot]


A two part article on Pipelineistan from Pepe Escobar in Asia Times: The rules of the game and The games nations play.

War against terrorism? Not really. Reminder: it's all about oil.

A quick look at the map is all it takes. It's no coincidence that the map of terror in the Middle East and Central Asia is practically interchangeable with the map of oil. There's Infinite Justice, Enduring Freedom - and Everlasting Profits to be made: not only by the American industrial-military complex, but especially by American and European oil giants.

No, it's not "all about oil". But oil's involved and it can't hurt to remind ourselves of that occasionally. [via also not found in nature]

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