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Product placement

Absolut Taliban [via jerrykindall]

Pocket particle accelerator

Haven't you always wanted a particle accelerator your can fit in your pocket? Researchers at Georgia Tech have built just that: the Nevatron, described in a recent Physics Review Letters paper. [via The Daily Grail]

Crisis in Argentina

Politics and Pesos in Argentina: an hour long radio show on the current state of the financial crisis in Argentina.

It's a bad day to be banking in Buenos Aires. The new president is announcing an economic plan designed to save the country from political and financial collapse. But, while the plan will make many economists happy, it is also likely to wipe out 30, perhaps 40 percent of the savings of many Argentines. Over the past month, people across that country have rioted over less. Argentina, once the economic pride of Latin America, is undergoing political upheaval and potential chaos.

Orbital pollution

Help stop the pollution of Low Earth Orbit. Equip your satellite with the Terminator Tether TM.

Complexity and terrorism

Terrorism, Nonlinearity & Complex Adaptive Systems: an archive of papers to aid in understanding and dealing with the threat of decentralized and adaptive enemies. [via Boing Boing]

Cycler ships

Karl Schroeder has two articles describing the technology behind the interstellar cycler ships, like the ones proposed by Buzz Aldrin for Mars trips, behind his upcoming book, Permanence, and the development of the civilization based on them. Looks like it will be good. [via Boing Boing]

Science fiction classics

The Lost Worlds of Science Fiction: Academic publishers are reprinting some of the earliest science fiction works.

[via dangerousmeta]


Listening to Our Inner Ashcroft: on self-censorship and the WoT. [via wood s lot]

Face recognition failure

The ACLU has issued a report on the failure of face recognition technology in Tampa. [via Follow Me Here]

Unocal's Afghan friends

It seems Unocal is gaining from friends in Afghanistan: both the interim Afghan leader and the U.S. special envoy to Afghanistan are reported to have worked for Unocal.

President Bush has appointed a former aide to the American oil company Unocal, Afghan-born Zalmay Khalilzad, as special envoy to Afghanistan. The nomination was announced December 31, nine days after the US-backed interim government of Hamid Karzai took office in Kabul.

Since then, Karzai's ties with the Americans have not been interrupted. At the same time, he established ties with the British and other European and international sides, especially after he became deputy foreign minister in 1992 in the wake of the Afghan mojahedin's assumption of power and the overthrow of the pro-Moscow Najibollah regime. Karzai found no contradiction between his ties with the Americans and his support for the Taleban movement as of 1994, when the Americans had - secretly and through the Pakistanis - supported the Taleban's assumption of power to put an end to the civil war and the actual partition of Afghanistan due to the failure of Borhanoddin Rabbani's experience in ruling the country. At the time, Karzai worked as a consultant for the huge US oil group Unocal, which had supported the Taleban movement and sought to construct a pipeline to transport oil and gas from the Islamic republics of Central Asia to Pakistan via Afghanistan. However, Karzai's relationship with the Taleban did not last long, since he moved away from the movement immediately after it assumed power in 1996 and turned down the movement's offer to appoint him as its ambassador to the United Nations.

[via Metafilter]

Star Wars camp out

Two members of the Seattle Star Wars Society have started the first line for Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones. The movie opens May 16th. [via Metafilter]

Coding tips

Roedy Green's classic How to Write Unmaintainable Code keeps expanding. [via Voidstar]

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan

Ignorance is not bliss: on the effect of the lack of reporting of civilian casualties from Afghanistan. [via Unknown News]

Creation of the universe

The Big Bang burger bar: on the creation and evolution of the universe from nothing, via quantum tunnelling and expansion. [via eugene]

Iran behind weapons shipment?

Israel is claiming that the weapons they seized in route to the Palestinian Authority are Iranian, which Iran denies.

Bank of America plane crash

A 15 year old student pilot apparently stole a single-engine Cessna and crashed it into the 20th floor of the Bank of America Plaza building in downtown Tampa this evening. There's a webcam on top of that building, but you can't see much at the moment.

Don't take airport security sitting down

A National Guardsman patrolling San Francisco International Airport shot himself in the rump on Wednesday while drawing his pistol. [via Unknown News]

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