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Tuesday, January 22, 2002 Permanent link to this day
Dollarizing Afghanistan?

Dollar may replace afghani: on a proposal by the Asian Development Bank to discontinue the Afghan currency and replace it with a convertible currency such as the dollar. May I suggest they think twice and then talk to the Argentine president if they still want to do this? [via Unknown News]

Currency boards

No right answer?

The turmoil in Argentina and the collapse of the ten-year link between the peso and the dollar has revived the debate about currency regimes for emerging-market economies. Was Argentina wrong to adopt the link in the first place, or wrong to try so hard and so fruitlessly to maintain it?

Kmart's bluelight special

Kmart files for chapter 11.

Rebuilding Afghanistan

As donor countries met in Tokyo to pledge money to support rebuilding of Afghanistan, the World Bank presented their plan for rebuilding the country from the village up, starting with locally provided solar power, irrigation and roads.

AT&T's 900 service

AT&T is getting out of the 1-900 billing business. I wonder if the Psychic Friends saw this one coming?

Missing biowar samples

Samples of anthrax, Ebola, and other such stuff turned up missing from the Army's Fort Detrick labs in the early 90s. [via Cursor]

Kunduz airlift

Rumsfeld still denies knowledge of the Kunduz airlift. [via Cursor]

An audio interview with Seymour Hersh on his story about the Kunduz airlift.


The U.S. information center in Calcutta has been attacked by armed motorcyclists. Five local police are dead.

A bomb has gone off and several more found outside the American embassy in Kabul. [via Cursor]

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