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Sunday, January 06, 2002 Permanent link to this day
Computer art festival

The Pixxelpoint Computer Art Festival 2001 galleries are up. [via nettime]

Internet access in Kashmir cut off

India is reported to have shut down net access from public call offices and net cafes in Kashmir.

The move, according to informed sources, was taken after it was found that Mohammed, leader of the suicide squad attack on Parliament, had extensively used the Internet and e-mail facilities while planning the December 13 operations.

A single state in Europe?

Handing over their future? The Euro brings the possibility of a single state in Europe closer, this article argues.

Bank of America plane crash

More details on yesterday's crash of a Cessna into the Bank of America Plaza:

Space tourist

The second space tourist, Mark Shuttleworth, will be going up to the station on April 20th.

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