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Monday, January 21, 2002 Permanent link to this day
Northern Alliance infighting

Northern Alliance factions are reported to have been fighting amongst themselves for the last two days.

Classic error messages

Error messages from the MPW C compiler. My favorite: "a typedef name was a complete surprise to me at this point in your program". [via Borklog]

Aurora and volcano

Volcano and Aurora in Iceland: beautiful shot of an aurora over the erupting Hekla volcano in 1991.

WTC scrap sale

World Trade Center steel is being sold to India and China for recycling at $120/ton. [via dangerousmeta]

Galileo shelved

Wired is reporting that Galileo, a European GPS-like system which I've mentioned here a couple of times, has been shelved after U.S. pressure. [via Hack the Planet]

AOL Red Hat just a rumor?

It looks like Red Hat may not be assimilated after all. [via jrobb]


The Birth of Loop: on the history of music loops. [via Memepool]

Argentina dollar conversion

Argentina is forcing the conversion of dollar denominated bank accounts to pesos at the official conversion rate of 1.4 pesos/dollar, sparking protests that President Duhalde has broken an inauguration pledge to let people keep their dollar accounts.

Limbaugh's hearing

Rush Limbaugh says he's gotten his hearing back. There is, unfortunately, no truth to the rumor that he traded his voice for it.

Chess cheat

A chess player at the 17th Open International Tournament in Nice was caught cheating. He was apparently using a Novag Sapphire chess computer hidden in his raincoat.

Shades of Truth

Tactics of Deception: Shades of Truth in a Time of War

No one has accused Rumsfeld of misleading the press or misrepresenting events on the ground. But post-mortems on previous American wars routinely found that the government exaggerated its successes and minimized its setbacks in its public presentations; indeed the tendency to embroider has been documented back to the Civil War.

Actually, I believe that's the point of my previous entry. [via abuddhas memes]

Kunduz airlift

Remember the reports of Pakistani Taliban and Al Qaeda members being airlifted out of Kunduz as the city was surrounded by the Northern Alliance? The flights General Franks said he didn't know anything about at the time and that Rumsfeld said we would shoot down if we saw them? According to Seymour Hersh's article in this week's New Yorker, Bush authorized the flights at Musharraf's request and ordered an air corridor set up for them. I guess he hadn't gotten around to telling Rumsfeld and Franks yet. I'm sure that's it. After all, Rumsfeld won't lie to us.

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