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An American soldier took part in a recent match of the traditional Afghan sport of buzkashi. [via rc3]

Potter burning

The Christ Community Church in Alamogordo, New Mexico has burned the Harry Potter books. Darn, I hadn't read them yet.


A Wendy's drive through employee handed a customer the wrong bag. Now police are looking for a man in a black SUV with $12,000 in a Wendy's bag. I hate it when they get the order wrong at the drive through. [via The Obscure Store]

Nice review

Nice words from Tom at Fortboise after his visit here. Thanks, and y'all come back now, ya hear?

Argentina, why should we care?

Paul Krugman on why we should be crying with Argentina:

Although images of the riots in Argentina have flickered across our television screens, hardly anyone in the U.S. cares. It's just another disaster in a small, faraway country of which we know nothing -- a country as remote and unlikely to affect our lives as, say, Afghanistan.

Captured al-Qaeda computers

Work is just the same at terror international: on the office politics revealed in captured al-Qaeda computers. There's more detail in this WSJ article (subscription required).

Time limit for anti-terror laws?

The Lord Chief Justice in England has said that the anti-terrorism laws should be short-term and repealed as soon as possible.

More terror groups named

The United States has frozen the assets of one Spanish group and five Northern Ireland groups that are said to be related to terrorism. This is to bring the U.S. list in line with one released by the Council of the European Union last week.

Arabic translations

CNN mentions one way to get translations of Arabic news, like Al-Jazeera: the Ajeeb web-based translator. It seems to have a problem with some of the longer pages unfortunately. There's also WBUR's translations of Al-Jazeera, which I've linked to before. They've been on vacation since the 20th but should be back tomorrow.

NASA meeting notes

SpaceRef has meeting notes from the March 2001 NASA Advisory Council Space Science Advisory Committee meeting. They're also available here in Microsoft Word format.

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