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David Deutsch's theory of the multiverse is discussed in recent articles in New Scientist and Discover. There's also a mailing list, Fabric-of-Reality, for discussing the concept. [via abuddhas memes]

Service Merchandise going toes up

Service Merchandise is planning on shutting down by spring.

Argentine decoupling

The Argentine peso is expected to be devalued by 30-40% as it is decoupled from the dollar and they default on their $155 billion in debt.

Palestinian weapons ship

Israel has captured an ship with 50 tons of weapons they say was destined for the Palestinian Authority, which they deny.

Pakistani nukes

Controlling Pakistan's Nukes: on circumstantial evidence that the U.S. has taken control of security for Pakistan's nuclear arsenal.

Taking the WoT too far

U.N Fears Abuses of Terror Mandate

Demands by the Security Council that U.N. members act against global terrorism are being used by some regimes to justify repression of domestic dissent, U.N. officials and independent human rights advocates say.

Anarchy in Argentina

Argentina Seeks Escape from Anarchy: review of the events leading up to Duhalde's role as the fifth President of Argentina in two weeks

Thieving warlords

Warlords Steal Food Shipments: on the trouble getting food fairly distributed in Jalalabad, where warlords from the Eastern Shura have stolen two-thirds of the incoming food. According to the article, Eastern Shura is the group that was helping the U.S. in its cave-by-cave search of the Tora Bora area.

Afghan accord scorecard

Winners & losers in the Afghan accord.

Rave rage

Farmer arrested in 'rave rage' standoff: Apparently a loophole in a British law prevents farmers from keeping ravers off their land. "We had one police sergeant, 70 ravers and one unhappy landowner."

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