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Wednesday, January 23, 2002 Permanent link to this day
Chomsky book trouble

Turkey prosecutes Chomsky publisher for essay on Kurds: a local publisher produced Chomsky's American Interventionism, which includes an essay criticising Turkey's treatment of the Kurds. The publisher is now facing a year in jail on terrorism related charges: inciting violence. [via zem]

Enron and Florida's pension fund

State's late Enron buys questioned

A New York firm that bought Enron stock for Florida's pension fund is being investigated for possible conflict of interest because it allowed an executive to sit on the failed energy-trading company's board.

State officials said Thursday that they did not learn until late last year that Frank Savage, a top executive of Alliance Capital Management Corp., was a member of the Enron board.

The state lost more than $300 million in the collapse of Enron. [via Red Rock Eater]

U.S. troops in the Philippines

U.S. Special Forces Make Camp in Philippine Jungle

Philippine troops have set up a jungle camp for U.S. Special Forces who will train local soldiers in missions designed to wipe out a Muslim extremist group linked to Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda terrorist network, a military spokesman said Saturday.

The "forward base" is on the southern island of Basilan, where the Abu Sayyaf guerrillas are holding an American couple hostage, said Capt. Noel Detoyato of the Philippine military.

National ID

National ID in development: on efforts by some government agencies to push through a national ID system while public opinion is still in their favor.

Bugs on Chinese presidential aircraft

Who pulled the plug on the Chinese 'bugs'? Speculation that a leak was involved in the Chinese discovery of bugs on their new presidential 767 and comparison to an incident in 1996 where a member of a party leaderships' family was protected from arrest in an arms dealing sting by a leak.

Bigelow's commercial space station

The new space race: on Robert Bigelow's efforts to start a commercial space station through his company, Bigelow Aerospace. [via spacepolicydigest]

Initially, Bigelow wanted to invest in the production of launch vehicles that would carry people and equipment into space. But he quickly realized there were already too many other firms competing for that very limited market. Instead, his millions are being used to create a sturdy, inexpensive space habitat, a module that would serve as the central building block for future space stations, space labs and space hotels. More than 40 world-class scientists, engineers and technicians are already on the payroll. Their goal is the design and production of living quarters that would dramatically alter the the cost of exploiting the true potential of space.

Alternative LoTR

Alternative authors' versions of Lord of the Rings. [via Voidstar]

Canadian anti-terrorism laws

Taking Liberties: an overview of five recent Canadian bills aimed at organized crime and terrorism. [via wood s lot]

So I'm cynical

Write here, write now: on projects such as Annotate Space which combine wireless phones and PDAs with GPSes to deliver content posted by previous visitors to a specific location. Why do I think this will turn into a vehicle for delivering spam? [via blackbeltjones]

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