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Thursday, January 24, 2002 Permanent link to this day
Brown Dwarf Followup

A followup: Michael Liu and company's paper on the image of the brown dwarf orbiting a sun-like star, which I mentioned a while back, is now available.

Dubya: The First Six Months

What the president is doing in office: the first six months. [via Follow Me Here]

Pink Flamingo Boycott

Join the Plastic Pink Flamingo Boycott! Is your plastic pink flamingo authentic? Does it have Don Featherstone's signature? Not if it was released recently. Join the fight to put Featherstone's signature back in the mold. [via Metafilter]

WebCollage hits

I've gotten a couple of hits for really bizarre searches from what I think is this site: WebCollage.

The site feeds random words to search engines and makes a collage from the images, which are linked back to the original site. Kind of neat.

Congo volcano #2

A second volcano, Mount Nyamuragira, has erupted in Congo.

John Walker in court

John Walker is back in the States and has his first day in court. He is being held without bail.

Microsoft antitrust comments

The public comment period on the Microsoft antitrust settlement ends Sunday. Here's how to comment. [via Voidstar]


A Democrat-led think tank, the Progressive Policy Institute, has issued a report recommending several invasive high-tech steps in fighting terrorism including thumbprints on ID cards, increased survelliance of the net, and face recognition in crowded places. [via Red Rock Eater]

Mugabe bans critics

Mugabe has signed a law that would allow him to jail critics for up to five years but has not yet been able to push through a similar law aimed at journalists that also requires annual licenses.

Enron roundup

The first Congressional hearings into the Enron collapse begin today. The star witness today, an Arthur Andersen employee who has since been fired and who has been accused of directing shredding of Enron documents, is expected to take the fifth in front of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Enron's rise and fall, the timeline. [via abuddhas memes]

Smoking Gun in Enrongate: on charges Bush allowed Ken Lay, the ex-CEO of Enron, to interview candidates for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. [via Metafilter]

Findlaw has a collection of original source documents on Enron. [via wood s lot]

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