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fUSION Anomaly

To explore: fUSION Anomaly - it seems to be a hyperlinked mystical cyberpunk encyclopedia. Or brain dump. Or something. The Java version took out my Mozilla once, there's a non-Java version as well. [via Voidstar]

al-Qaeda in Singapore

'Sleeper Cells' in Singapore Show Al Qaeda's Long Reach

Local officials and Western business executives were taken aback by the ability of Al Qaeda to plant operatives in Singapore, one of the most tightly controlled societies.

I think this goes to show that removing freedoms from our society and increasing controls on it is not going to guarantee our safety from terrorists. It is certainly not going to protect us from other evildoers.

Draped Justice

Ashcroft has ordered and installed a set of $8,000 drapes to cover two semi-nude statues in the Justice Department building so he doesn't have to have his photos published with them in the background.

What does Enron do?

Enron for Dummies

I saw this week that President Bush is `outraged' by the Enron scandal, and I know I should be too, but there's a lot I still don't get. For starters, what kind of company is Enron, exactly?

Enron is a new-economy company, a thinking-outside-the-box, paradigm-shifting, market-making company. In fact, it ranked as the most innovative company in America four years in a row, as judged by envious corporate peers in the annual Fortune magazine poll. It is also, at this point in time, a bankrupt company.

I meant, what does Enron do?

Collateral Damage

The Others: Howard Zinn puts a face on the victims of collateral damage in Afghanistan. [via Follow Me Here]

Afghanistan Opium Ban

Afghanistan's new government has banned opium production, but the farmers and dealers haven't seemed to notice.

Afghan officials haven't dropped by Haji Khudi Noor's dim nook in Kandahar's bustling opium market to order a halt to his business. Foreign aid workers haven't come to tell him how to feed his 35-member family if he did.

Until one -- or both -- happens, Khudi Noor says, opening his brown shawl to reveal a lap piled high with patties of raw opium, Afghanistan's new opium ban will have little force against its new opium boom.


Thousands of fossilized jellyfish have been found in a Wisconsin quarry by a fossil dealer who, along with Whitey Hagadorn and Robert Dott, has published a paper, Stranded on an Upper Cambrian shoreline: Medusae from Central Wisconsin, in the February issue of Geology on the find.

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