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Monday, December 31, 2001 Permanent link to this day
Dark matter

To explore: A Year of Dark Cosmology from APOD.

Internet Leash Laws

Internet Leash Can Monitor Sex Offenders: Sangamon County in Illinois is installing Security Software Systems' Cyber Sentinel on the computers belonging to four sexual predators on probation in order to monitor what they do online. Peacefire looked at how Cyber Sentinel works and the effectiveness of its blocking last year.

Indo-Pak relations

Pakistan: flavour of the year - Optimism to hostility - the story of Indo-Pak relations in the year 2001

bin Laden's strategy

This war would be bin Laden's victory

The immediate danger, perhaps similar in character to the danger that existed in July 1914 after Serbian terrorists had murdered the Austrian Archduke, is that no one will succeed in preventing the war which both Indian and Pakistani public opinion seems to support. The further danger is that the bin Laden strategy will succeed, with or without bin Laden. His strategy was to use terror to create a general state of war between Islam and the major powers by undermining the West and radicalising the Muslims.

Undeclared cash

Hordes head for border with cash hoards: more on Europeans rushing to get rid of undeclared cash.

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