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Friday, November 30, 2001 Permanent link to this day
Black holes

In a paper being developed, scientists from UCLA studying very short gamma ray bursts discuss the possibility that they are being caused by the extremely powerful explosions of microscopic primordial black holes.

In other black hole news, researchers at the University of Warwick have applied their method of studying X-rays generated by matter falling into black holes to analyzing soccer, to find that British games are 30 times more boring than games in the rest of the world.

Fish decline

Reg Watson and Daniel Pauly from the UBC Fisheries Centre have published a study claiming that the oceans' fish stock is declining faster than previously predicted by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization because of over-reporting of catches by China.

Principle warning

On the ground: another warning to maintain our principles even in wartime.

Enron heading down

Enron is headed for bankruptcy after credit downgrades and a merger collapse. The 100,000 trades on the energy markets that will need to be undone is just one of the ripple effects the collapse will have. There are a large number of companies with more than $100 million of exposure to Enron.

Mugabe digging in

Mugabe is building underground bunkers, buying armored limos, and military equipment to prepare for a possible a civil war in Zimbabwe if he loses next year's presidential election and has deployed troops in areas with strong support for the opposition party.

ACT uproar

The Cloning Game: On the uproar caused by last Sunday's announcement by ACT.

Emergency cloning ban

England passes emergency legislation barring reproductive cloning after a court threw out the existing law. Therapeutic cloning is still allowed.

Curses, scrubbed again

The shuttle launch has been rescheduled for next Tuesday evening at 5:45 Eastern after Russian flight controllers, along with NASA, opted to use a spacewalk to clear an obstruction that interfered with the Progress docking Wednesday.

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