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Thursday, November 22, 2001 Permanent link to this day
Amateur space flight

Steve Bennett and his company Starchaser has a successful test launch of Nova in England: a 37 foot tall rocket launched 5,000 feet up and returned safely. After one more test flight, he'll be putting a person, likely himself, on board, all in preparation for a shot at the X Prize: $10 million for the first team to fly three people 100 miles into space twice within two weeks. Some don't have a lot of faith.

Phone ripoff

Hijackers in Hong Kong steal $26 million in Nokia phone parts. I'm guessing that's Hong Kong dollars, which would be about $3.3 million U.S.

Crossing memes

The All Your Tourist Are Belong To Us rock video. [via Memepool]

Gravity waves

NASA will be looking for gravity waves using the Cassini and the Deep Space Network. [via bottomquark]

Afghanistan maps

Interactive maps of Afghanistan. [via little green footballs]

Flight 93 rumors

On the rumors around Skanksville that Flight 93 was shot down and a site gathering reports on the crash. [via Bushwacker]

Portland police stand up

Portland police are refusing to cooperate with the Justice Department in questioning uncharged immigrants, holding that it would violate state law. [via Interesting People]

Consolidating power

Weather Report: Chris Floyd's Global Eye column in The Moscow Times looks at how the U.S. could change post-9/11 with consolidation of power under the presidency. [via the null device]

Station noise

"In space, you can't hear yourself think." Station crewmembers complain about continual noise.

Public radio workshop a show case & workshop for new public radio.

Sound art

An audio interview with six audio artists about Sound Art.

Macy's parade

NPR's Morning Edition interviews Robert Sullivan, the editor a new book on the history of the Macys' parade.

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