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Saturday, November 24, 2001 Permanent link to this day
Pesky details

Terror war raises fears about rights: details laws being pushed through by state and federal lawmakers reducing civil liberties in the name of fighting terror. [via The Smirking Chimp]


John Dean on The problems with Bush's executive order burying presidential records. [via Interesting People]


A partial photo mosaic of Mercury, shot by Mariner 10.

Cool radio

This morning's radio: EpiphanyRadio

Is it full?

Liquid Space: Paul Davies on the quantum vacuum. [via evacuate & flush]

Switching photons

A University of Toronto team led by Aephraim Steinberg have created a photon level switch (paper, slides), potentially leading toward optical quantum logic gates.

Cybercrime convention

The Council of Europe's Cybercrime Convention has been signed by 30 countries. [via /.]

Not just terrorism

Pipeline Politics: Oil, gas, and the US interest in Afghanistan. [via BookNotes]

Extradition disagreement

Spain is refusing to extradite terror suspects without guarantees that they won't face the death penalty or a military tribunal.

Where's Omar

Taliban leader Omar has handed over power to his army commander, Mullah Akhtar Osmani.

Where's Dick?

On Cheney's secure and undisclosed location: a duckblind. [via Unknown News]

Pakistani evacuation

Pakistan is reported to be evacuating Pakistani Taliban supporters from Kunduz.

Afghanistan convoy raid

First hand accounts of special forces raid on a tanker truck convoy in Afghanistan, from the drivers.

It's that eye of the beholder thing

Zimbabwe is accusing foreign journalists of assisting terrorists, specifically the opposition party Movement for Democratic Change, by misrepresenting their acts. England has protested the threat to its journalists. President Mugabe has also recently accused Blair of terrorism for funding the organization through the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

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