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Wednesday, November 28, 2001 Permanent link to this day
Bye bye @Home

Excite@Home could be shutting down on Friday. [via Metafilter]


Dictionaraoke: Online dictionaries sing your favorite song. [via Borklog]

Dogbert airlines

Dogbert Airlines: "Attention travelers! Our hub at the South Pole is experiencing permafrost..."

CDA appeal

COPA (son of CDA) is in front of the Supreme Court after being blocked in a federal appeals court.

Cloning claims

Clonaid, the cloning lab founded by the leader of Raelians and now run by one of it's bishops, claims it has cloned human embryos. presumably in their offshore laboratory.


A team led by David Charbonneau is publishing results in The Astrophysical Journal on their detection of an atmosphere around an extrasolar planet for the first time. They used the Hubble Space Telescope to examine light from its sun filtered through the atmosphere to study its composition. Members of the team discovered the planet around the sun-like star HD 209458 using the STARE telescope in 1999. [via BBC News (story)]

LOTR notes

Notes on seeing the first LOTR movie from Gandalf himself (Ian McKellen). [via linkfilter]

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