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Net radio

Today's net radio: BBC Radio 1

Information violence

Paul Taylor's Fleshing Out the Maelstrom: Biopunk and the Violence of Information, from M/C, and some related slides.


On the biopunk revolution, from Annalee Newitz's Techsploitation column. [via Bifurcated Rivets]

Collective recollection

Random access memory: an experiment in collective recollection [via Bifurcated Rivets]

Station space walk

Space station crew members will go out Monday to remove this piece of wire blocking the Progress' docking hatch.

Zero-point energy stardrive

Propellantless space travel? Scientists from EarthTech International propose using zero-point energy to drive the interstellar ships.

Oil supplies

How much oil is left? Morning Edition talks about the debate in the context of dropping prices today and rising U.S. dependence on Middle Eastern supplies.

COPA hearing

NPR's Nina Totenberg gives background on COPA and then reports on the Supreme Court hearing on the law.

Journalism as terrorism

Zimbabwe's war on "terrorist journalists" escalates: new law requires journalists to be citizens and to be registered if working for a foreign paper.

Relaxing restrictions

Ashcroft is considering relaxing the restrictions preventing the FBI from spying on religious and political organizations.

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