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Thursday, November 29, 2001 Permanent link to this day
Striking a balance

Transcript of Michael Chertoff of the Justice Department testifying at senate hearing on preserving freedoms while defending against terrorism.

Conspiracies or valid questions?

What Did They Know?: Make Them Accountable asks questions about 9/11 and its aftermath, with related articles. [via Unknown News]

Is there a difference?

AFP has reported that the Northern Alliance bans Women's freedom march in Kabul. [via Unknown News]

EU cloning ban

The European Union's Parliament has rejected a human cloning ban, but individual nations can still act on their own (and some have).

Night launch

A gentle reminder for us viewers at home: The shuttle is set to launch tonight at 7:41 Eastern. Update: It's been scrubbed because the Progress ship that docked Wednesday isn't firmly connected.

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