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Monday, November 19, 2001 Permanent link to this day

The other day I linked to a great movie of Ms. Pacman singing Mame. /. today provided the answer to something I couldn't figure out: why Mame?

When binary won't cut it?

Computing in trinary. [via /.]

Adams final work

The sixth, unfinished, volume of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's series, A Salmon of a Doubt, has been found and will be republished with other unreleased works on the first anniversary of his death. [via also not found in nature]


The controversy over Seahenge goes on. First there were protests over moving the tree stump and 55 surrounding oak posts, which date to 2050BC, that make up the monument from its original location in Norfolk. The monument was relocated to Flag Fen, where it was almost lost to fire early last year, for study. Now there is apparent disagreement over whether it should be put back or preserved on dry land, with English Heritage saying that to bury the momument back in the beach risks destruction by the North Sea. A hearing will be held next week to decide the issue. A similar but larger structure was found early this year less than 200 yards away, but has not yet been excavated.

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