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Monday, February 25, 2002 Permanent link to this day
Can they hear the boats?

Manatees, Bioacoustics and Boats: researchers have been looking at what manatees can hear in an effort to understand why they don't avoid boats and what can be done to warn them away from the danger.

When I was your age...

The First Cloned Human Embryo: in an Australasian Science article, Peter Coghlan reflects on the recent progress towards human cloning and concludes that children born from cloning will be held to higher expectations because they "exact copies" of one of the parents.


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Treason, but by who?

Mugabe opponent accused of treason: in what Morgan Tsvangirai is calling a setup, he is being charged with conspiring to assassinate President Mugabe. Tsvangirai, the leading opposition candidate for the upcoming presidential election, was shown in a video aired on an Australian TV station, Special Broadcasting Service, discussing the "elimination" of Mugabe.

The allegations were made by a Canadian political consultancy, Dickens and Madson, headed by former Israeli intelligence officer and Mugabe lobbyist Ari Ben-Menashe.

Mr Ben-Menashe says he was approached by Mr Tsvangirai, who wanted Mr Mugabe "eliminated".


A video timing clock was not erased from a poor-quality copy of the recording broadcast on state television, showing that the original secret tape had been heavily edited and even "rearranged", according to the Mass Media Project of Zimbabwe, an independent media monitoring group.

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Hubble service mission

The countdown starts today for Columbia's first flight in over two years as it returns from a series of upgrades. It is scheduled to take off Thursday at 6:48am Eastern for a mission to service the Hubble.

Bush conspiracies

The Indiscreet Charm of the Bush-Nazi Web Conspiranoids: on the conspiracy theories, going back to the 80s, linking the Bush family to Nazi Germany.

Conspiratorialists, whether their bete noire is Anglophile internationalist bankers, socialist one-world government advocates, neo-fascist state planners, or eugenic proponents of white supremacy, can and do find in the Bushes everything and more than they've ever wanted to imagine about American history and its rulers. Lurking in the shadows of nearly every major episode of recent U.S. history, from World War Two to the rise of the CIA to third world drug running to the Bay of Pigs, the Kennedy and King assassinations, Watergate and beyond, the Bushes have emerged as the Zeligs of the global power elite.

Wouldn't that be a shame?

Mugabe ready to flee Zimbabwe

President Mugabe is said to be planning secretly his escape route out of Zimbabwe after his private polling predicted he could be defeated in next month's elections.

The ailing 78-year-old has been sounding out some of his African neighbours and his dwindling number of friends abroad about providing him with a safe haven.

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