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Fashion police

The latest fashion statement: terrorist chic.

It used to be an arrestable offence to walk down a street in Germany wearing a T-shirt bearing the RAF logo of the notorious Red Army Faction terrorist group. These days it amounts to a fashion statement.

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Please deposit 25 cents for 5 more clicks

British Telecom will try to defend its claim that a patent it holds covers hyperlinks on the web in Federal Court tomorrow in a hearing involving an infringement suit it filed against Prodigy.

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Movable Type tweaks

I've been meaning to document the tweaks I've done to Movable Type and what I've done to put together some things it doesn't directly support. Two reasons I want to do this: one, it will help me keep track of things and help me remember what I did when it comes time to merge things into version 2. Secondly, someone out there just might be interested. So, if you're one of those people, read on...

Enron, the Cliff Notes

A Guide to the Enron Collapse: A Few Points for a Clearer Understanding [via wood s lot]

State of the Union, deconstructed

Deconstructing George W. Bush: A Critical Analysis of the 2002 State of the Union Address [via wood s lot]

Communication in a time of war

Contact and Impact: Over the Lines: on communication and the Internet in a time of war, using a recent lecture by Mark Poster as a jumping off point.

New Dark Age

The New Dark Age Revisited

In 1996 Mark Stahlman, a former technology analyst on Wall Street, espoused his theories about the rise of the New Dark Age. At that time, he couldn't have foreseen how quickly circumstances would develop to this end. Even so, the new dark age has turned out to be not exactly what he -- or many others like him -- thought it would be. Then, in the heyday of the "Internet Revolution", it was considered that technology would play a fundamental role in the new dark age. In essence, the new dark age would be primarily a digital dark age.

Recent events, however, have shown this not to be the case. Unlike Stahlman's prophecy that we would be psychologically programmed and that new media networks would become the mechanism of psychological destruction and seamless surveillance, the new dark age has descended in a much more simple manner: that of self-censorship and collective amnesia. In other words, the latest in technological wizardry is not required to plunge us into the depths of darkness.

Halted firewall

How do you increase the security of your Linux firewall? Let it keep running after you've halted the system. [via dangerousmeta]

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