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Wednesday, February 13, 2002 Permanent link to this day
Setting an example

America's crony capitalism

Why is this more than just a very big business failure? Because the US markets, and the array of institutions that constitute them, are supposed to be a model. When the Asian crisis hit, crony capitalism took much of the blame. The definition of sound policies was broadened to include a call for countries to put into place strong market infrastructure, including more rigorous accounting standards, better regulation, stricter disclosure and stronger corporate governance. As the international community struggled to define this new consensus, it was often to US examples that it turned, albeit grudgingly. And where there were big differences, those of us representing the US were typically reluctant to cede the case. This is harder to justify now.

Giving Microsoft a hand

Last month, Bill announced the Trustworthy Computing initiative within Microsoft. Shortly after, some loyal fan launches, clearly in the spirit of helping Microsoft know where to start looking. [via Red Rock Eater]

Stupid Outlook tricks

Do you want your mail to be read by Outlook users? Two tips from the latest Risks Digest:

  1. Don't use the text "over 18", even if there's another character right smack up against it.
  2. Don't use the uncapitalized word "begin" if it might possibly fall at the beginning of a line.
Remember kids, friends don't let friends use Outlook.

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