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The Dirty Dozen

The Digital Dirty Dozen: The Cato Institute lists 12 bills introduced last year as examples of the regulatory stance Congress is taking toward technology.

As shown in this review of our picks for the 12 most destructive pieces of technology legislation introduced in the 107th Congress, there is good evidence that policymakers--whether through conscious design or not--are adopting the telecom regulatory paradigm for the tech sector. It appears that the tech sector may be pigeonholed into that paradigm simply because it offers a familiar set of rules and a bank of regulatory agencies that can be activated on command.

Here they are:


Flashback to January 5th, this year: Bush stops at the Portland One-Stop Career and Youth Opportunity Center for a photo op. Fast forward to February 4th. Bush releases the budget and cuts their funding. [via Red Rock Eater]

How Iran got included in axis of evil

King accuses Iran of threat to Israel: Jordan's King Abdullah gave evidence to Bush regarding Iranian backing of rocket attacks from Jordan into Israel.

American and Jordanian sources told the Arabic daily Al-Sharq al-Aswat that Iran was "directly and clearly" involved in 17 incidents in which missiles and mortar shells were fired into Israel from Jordan. The attacks were allegedly carried out by members of the Islamic terrorist groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who were trained in Iranian military camps or in similar camps in Lebanon.

Bush simplistic? nah...

The French foreign minister, Hubert Vedrine, warns that the U.S. is being too simplistic about the WoT:

We are friends of the United States, we are friends of that people and we will remain so. But we are threatened today by a new simplism which consists in reducing everything to the war on terrorism. That is their approach, but we cannot accept that idea. You have got to tackle the root causes, the situations, poverty, injustice.

Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan, villagers captured in a raid on what turned out not to be a Taliban or al-Qaeda complex after all were released and a remotely piloted CIA drone fired a missile at a crowd of people surrounding what they think was a "senior al-Qaeda leader" near a cave complex in Zawar Khili.

Despite questions about the raid, American forces continue to go after what they believe are groups of Al Qaeda or Taliban leaders. An intelligence official said tonight that a Predator drone fired a Hellfire antitank missile at a group of people in the Zawar Khili area of Afghanistan on Monday, and some them were believed killed. Although their identities have not been determined, American officials believe some of the people in the group were leaders of Al Qaeda, based on the number of vehicles in the convoy they had been traveling in.

Simple? You're kidding, this is complicated stuff.

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