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NAFTA tribunal transcripts

Transcripts from the secret NAFTA tribunal which hears claims by companies against Canada, the United States, and Mexico when those countries' laws affect their profits. [via Red Rock Eater]

Anti-globalization demands

Hitting the Streets: The top six demands of anti-globalization protesters

For more than two decades, the inhumane, neocolonial practices of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund provoked angry protests in Third World countries, but few in the Western world took notice. Now, the anti-globalization movement is alive and well in the United States and is expected to have a thing or two to say when world business leaders, heads of state and leading economists meet this weekend in New York City. What follows is a six-point manifesto of what many of the demonstrators want. The list is based on the writings and statements of anti-globalists and contains the demands sought by the Mobilization for Global Justice, a coalition that promised to have 100,000 demonstrators outside the IMF meeting in Washington, D.C., last fall; the meeting was canceled in the aftermath of September 11.

[via somewhereiforget]

Reputational risk

Amnesty International and The Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum have published Business & Human Rights: A geography of corporate risk, a collection of seven maps showing corporations doing business in countries known for human rights abuses. [via Plep]

Enron's open secrets

Enron at who got how much cash when. [thanks Cass]


Springtime, Taxes, and the Attack on Iraq: on the discovery of calutrons in Iraq, the expulsion of the inspectors, and why both lead to the conclusion that Bush will soon take military action against Hussein.

In the next few months, spring will return, we will pay our taxes, and the United States will attack Iraq. The seasons have always returned, with perhaps a few exceptions when asteroids and comets slammed into the Earth. Taxes are often listed among those things considered "inevitable." Why do I put the U.S. attack on Iraq on the same list? Because it is also going to happen, and happen soon. My prediction is not based on hearing three jackals howl in the night, or on the fact that Mars and Venus are flirting in the heavens; it's based on what I consider to be a clear vision of some recent political and technological events. After I review the facts, I think you will share this vision with me.

Network trends

Scrambling the Equations: Potential Trends in Networking: Andy Oram on the near future of the net.

Massive black holes

Stars and singularities: Tal Alexander's chapter from an upcoming book, The Galactic Black Hole edited by H. Falcke and F. W. Hehl, summarizes recent research the interaction of massive black holes at galaxy centers with the stars around them.

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