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Written origins

Indus Script: the Mother of All Alphabetic Scripts: a review of Natwar Jha's and N.S. Rajaram's The Deciphered Indus Script.

Science historians have long acknowledged that the international numeral system (1,2, 3,), based on the concepts of placement and zero, as well as the decimal system were invented by the ancient Hindus. (Nonetheless many Western publications continue to call these numerals Arabic-- Arab historians themselves have always acknowledged the numerals' Hindu origins.)

An even more fundamental contribution to human knowledge-- the origin of alphabetic writing--must now be credited to the ancient Hindus. This claim arises from the deciphering of the ancient Indus script recently accomplished by Natwar Jha. In 1996, he published Vedic Glossary on Indus Seals, which briefly explained his methodology and presented readings of more than 100 seals. It was an English language summary of his monumental publications, Sindhu Mudra Lipi Bhasa, in Sanskrit, and Sindhu Sabhyata ki Mudraon ki Bhasa aur Lipi, in Hindi.


History in a Cell: an interview with Steve Olson on the work behind his book, Mapping Human History, where he looks at the history of the human race as seen through DNA.

Clicking-thru art

The Google AdWords Happening: on one man's attempt to publish poetry in Google's AdWords. [via Vincent's Glossblog]

Clicking-thru art

The Google AdWords Happening: on one man's attempt to publish poetry in Google's AdWords. [via Vincent's Glossblog]

Defective clones

Gene defects emerge in all animal clones: a discussion of a new paper by Ian Wilmut which shows that health and genetic problems are showing up in every cloned animal so far.

A review of all the world's cloned animals suggests that every one of them is genetically and physically defective. Ian Wilmut, co-creator of Dolly the sheep, the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell, published his findings this weekend.

The study coincides with claims by researchers trying to create the first cloned human. In Italy, Dr Severino Antinori has claimed that three women are pregnant with cloned babies; in America, Dr Panayiotis Zavos has said he will achieve such a pregnancy within two years.

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