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Black water, under water

Divers find evidence of black water's devastation: on the aftermath of the blackwater event off South Florida.

Here come the clones

Human cloning project claims progress: At a conference held in the UAE earlier this week, Severino Antinori claimed that a woman in his reproductive cloning program is eight weeks pregnant with what could be the first human clone.

See also: Cloning pregnancy claim prompts outrage

[via bottomquark]

If I had a rocket launcher

Sharonism: on the use of military force to solve Israel's diplomatic issues.

Sharonism is the political philosophy that military force decides all questions and politicians are no better than the armies at their command. Sharonism believes that the Middle East's future can be formulated through tank gun-sights, that a new regional political constellation favorable to Israel can be assembled by divisional maneuvers.

Ban pencils, too

The CBDTPA Is Immune to (Conventional) Criticism: on the illegitimacy of the CBDTPA and suggestions on how to fight it. [via 2020 Hindsight]

Sound of silence

Shut Up! Bernie Krause talks about building his collection of natural sound recordings and the loss of quietness to human intrusion.

But natural sound is not merely a profession for Krause. Aural wonders are Krause's obsession, and he has become a veritable missionary of naturalism and sound. He equates the loss of a vibrant soundscape with the loss of a natural habitat, and he says that nowadays he has to record about 2,000 hours to produce one hour of usable sound; when he first started three decades ago, it only took 15. And, he adds indignantly, 25 percent of the habitat in his audio library no longer exists because of environmental degradation by humans.

Power and security

Rule of Power or Rule of Law? the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research reports on the U.S. disregard for international security and human rights treaties. [via Follow Me Here]

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