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Terrorism court cases

FindLaw has a section collecting court documents on cases related to the War on Terror. [via Red Rock Eater]


Sen. Mary Landrieu is introducing a bill to force adult oriented sites into a new high level domain as a means to protect children from seeing them. The fact that whether a domain ends in .prn vs. .com makes no difference to any software running today, the design of the net, or to whether anyone, regardless of age, can type it into a brower seems to have escaped her.

See also: .xxx Considered Dangerous [via Politech]


Plugging into Bourgeois Time: The Meaning of "Speed Ramping": David Cox discusses the manipulation of time in movies, television, and commercials.

In a nutshell: The role of time itself in contemporary culture has been radically altered by the role played by technology and communications time is represented in ways consistent with its effects on people in our society. Time is a fluid, changeable, negotiable entity. It is measured and chopped up and sold like every other commodity. We are living in Bourgeois time - hence like commodities themselves, how time appears and is thought is available on the marketplace as well: some products offer fast time, others slow time, others both.

Seat belts required

Unsafe at any Clock Speed: Jim Morris compares where we are in the computer industry today with when Nader started exposing automobile safety problems in the 70s.

This week my laptop started freezing up, so I took it to tech support and had them look at it. They ran some virus checks and tweaked some of my setting and sent me on my way. The connection to my cell phone still doesn't work. Sometimes when I boot it up it can't find all the RAM I have installed. Sigh. I guess it's time to upgrade.

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