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Surfing the net in 5-7-5

Haikoo!: the haiku powered directory. [via aaronland]

Barely translucent

Censorship Wins Out: on the obstacles to the Internet being used as a free flow of information from opaque countries, in particular the control of governments over technological and economic access to the net.

A decade or so ago, it was all clear: the Internet was believed to be such a revolutionary new medium, so inherently empowering and democratizing, that old authoritarian regimes would crumble before it. What we've learned in the intervening years is that the Internet does not inevitably lead to democracy any more than it inevitably leads to great wealth.

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Violent diversity

Earthquakes, Volcanoes Tied to Species Diversity?: on the strong ties shown by Sagar Kathuria and K.N. Ganeshaiah between geologically violent and biologically diverse areas of the planet.

Based on the results, they conclude that, in contrast to the huge losses of life and property that often occur in the immediate aftermath of volcanoes and earthquakes, major upheavals such as these offer a sort of "safe haven" for living things over long geological periods of time.

This happens because the cataclysmic events cause variations of altitude in the surrounding areas, provide volcanic and magma mineral nutrients, and bring about climatic changes, all of which translate into diverse habitats conducive to supporting a wide range of species.

See also: Tectonic activities shape the spatial patchiness in the distribution of global biological diversity, published by the team in the Indian science journal Current Science.

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