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Ticking away

To boldly go...: Paul Davies talks about his new book, How to Build a Time Machine and the theory behind it.

Travel into the future is straightforward; it merely requires the time traveller to move very fast. So far, only microsecond time trips are possible -- far too small for anyone to notice. But significant time warps would occur if a propulsion system were developed to boost a spacecraft to near the speed of light. There are many proposals for this (for example, antimatter drives), but they remain well beyond current technology.

Going back in time is far trickier...

But is it news?

U.S. Media Interests: Champions of Profit, Propaganda and Puffery: on the decline of American free press under media conglomeration.

With precious few exceptions most notably the nation's "City Papers," independent Internet sites - like the Indy Media Center -- and grass roots broadcasters such as Pacifica, U.S. print and broadcast organs from the New York Times to the Los Angeles Times, from NBC to Fox, and from AM radio bands to FM bands, spew out a vile and banal concoction of information that numbs the mind and homogenizes the thought processes of a U.S. citizenry scurrying about to support the "war effort." So-called "news programs" seek to pacify and assure during the commute, the thunderstorm, the shopping spree, the murder. Weather, roads, guns, cars, food are all endowed by newsreaders with character as if those "things" are conscious entities. As Herbert Marcuse so adroitly pointed out, in this environment people don't "see" themselves, they project themselves into "things". Viewers are commodities to the U.S. media interests. "Thought" need not apply here.

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But is it art?

Diminutive, but perfectly formed: Umberto Eco discusses art in the short form as he reviews Isabella Pezzini's book Trailers, Ads, Clips, Websites, Banners: The Short Forms of Audiovisual Communication, which appears to be only available in French. [via Arts & Letters Daily]

But is it fiction?

High-Tech Futures: Charles Sheffield on the differences between science, science fiction, and fantasy. [via Arts & Letters Daily]

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