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Saturday, May 18, 2002 Permanent link to this day
Castro on Bolton

Castro's response to being added to the Axis of Evil.

Anyone who remembers the fifteen incredible pretexts, known today through declassified official documents, that were elaborated at the end of 1961 by the high US authorities to undertake a direct military attack against Cuba in 1962, would not be surprised by such a sinister lie. We demand proof. Let them produce even the tiniest piece of evidence! They do not have any, and they cannot have them because they simply do not exist. They should not be hiding behind the alleged sensitivity of their sources, when there is actually not an atom of truth in what they are saying. This very old trick and overly stupid argument only serve to demonstrate their little consideration for, and low concept of, the American people whose intelligence deserve more respect.

I will also say this: If a Cuban scientist from any of our biotechnology institutes had been cooperating with any country in the development of biological weapons, or if he or she had tried to create them on his or her own initiative, he or she would be immediately presented in a court of justice as we would consider it an act of treason to the country.

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Where's the debugger?

DNA seen through the eye of a coder: Genetics explained in terms that a programmer can understand. [via leuschke]

Indiana uses it

So, you've dashed off for the weekend to explore Egyptian ruins and you've run across a tablet covered in strange markings. You need [via Bifurcated Rivets]

Human cloning patent?

Debate on Human Cloning Turns to Patents: The International Center for Technology Assessment's Patent Watch Project reports that a patent recently awarded to the University of Missouri and licensed to BioTransplant explicitly covers a method of human cloning. The University says that the patent has only been licensed for use in animal-to-human organ transplants and wouldn't be used for human cloning.

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