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Art for the very well sighted

Silicon Art: images found on microprocessors. [via Boing Boing]

Hersh on the WoT

Seymour Says: highlights from Seymour Hersh's talk on the War on Terror as the keynote speaker at the Chicago Headline Club's Peter Lisagor Awards.

"We have an attorney general that is, I don't know, how would you describe him, demented? We have an attorney general who doesn't seem to understand the law. He's talking about John Walker Lindh, a young boy. John Walker Lindh has made a confession that hasn't been made public. And [Ashcroft] is using parts of the confession to attack him, in public, and that's against every code of every U.S. attorney; it's one of the first things in the rule book. You can't take material that's privileged and use it publicly against anybody.

[via also not found in nature]

Searching in vain?

Home Alone in the Universe?: Fred Heeren examines the search for extraterrestial intelligence, the impacts its success would have for religion, and the reasons to think we won't be making contact other intelligent life anytime soon, if ever. [via Fragments from Floyd (Va)]

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