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And the winner is...

The top bugs of all time. [via Information Addiction]

Life's library

Library: the original Albert Goldbarth version and the reader contributions.

This book saved my life.
This book takes place on one of the two small tagalong moons of Mars.
This book requests its author's absolution, centuries after his death.
This book required two of the sultan's largest royal elephants to bear it; this other book fit in a gourd.
This book reveals The Secret Name of God, and so its author is on a death list.

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Fighting tor peace

The US quietly wades into South Asia's rebel conflicts: on the varying degrees of involvement of the U.S. in South Asian regional conflicts.

The insurgency in Nepal is just one of three deadly conflicts in South Asia which have brewed quietly in the background of the Afghan conflict. But the lack of media attention is no indication of a lack of US involvement. In all three conflicts, which together have claimed tens of thousands of lives over the past two decades, US officials have quietly been applying pressure and support for peace talks, and, in the case of Nepal, a war against Maoist rebels.

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