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AOL spam filters

AOL's spam filters have been rejecting mail sent from Harvard to its early applicants. [via Red Rock Eater]


U.S. officials are warning that the E.U.'s proposed navigation system, Galileo, could be used by an enemy and could interfere with GPS. In the midst of funding disputes, Chirac is using the project as an example of what Europe must do to keep from becoming "vassals" of the U.S. [via Interesting People]


India and Pakistan face war

The terrorists who attacked India's parliament Dec. 13 killed 12 people, including themselves. They achieved their probable goal, to drive India and Pakistan to war or its brink.

If the purpose was to change the subject in Pakistan, to create tension with India greater than the alliance with the United States, to divert troops from Afghanistan's border, it has worked.

Best laid plans

Missed signals: a history of the U.S.'s unimplemented plans against terrorism.

Alternative views on finance

Wizards of Money: audio programs and transcripts on money and finance, from an alternative view. Some of the MP3 show links are broken, but can be found here on The Radio Project.

Mass for the guilder

Requiem for the Guilder

Saturday night at the Paradiso is usually a time strictly of bands, DJs and dance music. But on this December night, it was nothing short of a midnight mass for guilder. Klaas Vos played the preacher. A former real-life priest, Mr Vos came up with the idea to hold a mass for the guilder to pay homage to the currency that for so long has been part of the Dutch national identity.

Undeclared cash

Europe Dumps Old Money Before Ringing in the New: on how Europeans with undeclared cash try to spend it without gaining notice from tax authorities.

Argentine peg

Lessons of Argentina: pegging the Argentine peso to the dollar worked to stem inflation until the dollar rose on the international markets.

The euro as a second currency

Even though Britain is not converting to the Euro on the 1st, it is expected to be a second currency there.

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