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Saturday, December 29, 2001 Permanent link to this day
Israeli spies

Fox News had a recently four part series on Israeli spies in the U.S. The transcripts have apparently been pulled from their site but are available, along with some background material, from cryptome.

Quantum Finance

Quantum Finance: It's not just satire anymore.

Terrorist trials

How to Try a Terrorist: on why we should try captured terrorists in civil court. "No other type of judicial proceeding could offer Americans and the rest of the world as satisfying a verdict, or a more resounding vindication of American justice and freedoms."

Destroyed an Interstate? $90, please

Crash creates an inferno

The gasoline truck driver walked away with a $90 careless driving ticket. He left behind him a spectacular rush-hour mess Friday evening:

Traffic was snarled at one of Tampa's busiest highway intersections for hours as the 8,700 gallons of gasoline in John Hopkins' truck burned. Thousands of homebound commuters were caught in a gridlock that soon spilled over the Howard Frankland Bridge and Courtney Campbell Parkway into Pinellas.

Two major highways near Tampa International Airport, Independence Parkway and Veterans Expressway, will be closed until damage to an overpass, parts of which melted, can be repaired.

That's a pretty big tarp

India prepares to camouflage Taj Mahal. Isn't that just a bit large to hide?

But will they keep them?

Promises, Promises: New Year's resolutions Arianna Huffington wants to hear. [via Cursor]

Brixton Mosque fear

Mosque leader is living in fear: the leader of the Brixton Mosque, linked to the SneakerBomber, is worried about the backlash on himself and his family after speaking out about the extremists recruiting from his mosque.

LOTR Radio Play

BBC Radio 4 is rebroadcasting the Lord of the Rings radioplay over thirteen weeks, starting January 5th. [thanks Matt]

Rabid fans

Never ever mess with a hobbit: Mark Larson on the heated response he got for airing negative comments about Fellowship of the Ring.

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