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Of course I'll take the flag stamps

The Progressive's McCarthyism Watch: Activists try to buy stamps without flags on them for mail and are questioned by police and postal authorities.

Gettysburg preso

The Gettysburg Address: the Powerpoint version. [via Metafilter]

Terror groups named

39 groups have been listed on the first Terrorist Exclusion List, which gives the government the authority to deport members or deny them visas.

Ashcroft transcript

The full text of Ashcroft's session is available now. [via rc3]

Ashcroft and Gun Control

Even conservatives found something to criticize in Ashcroft's testimony: his inability to defend his decision to prevent the FBI from accessing a gun background check database.

Ashcroft clarification

The Justice Department issued a statement clarifying Ashcroft's testimony Thursday:

What he does not think is helpful to the country is misstatements and the spread of misinformation about the actions of the Justice Department. Anyone who reported this morning that he criticized anyone who opposed him was absolutely wrong and in doing so became a part of the exact problem he was describing.
- Mindy Tucker, Justice Department spokeswoman

It is early, but I've had a pot of coffee and I think I understand this. Anyone who criticized his statements by claiming that he said his critics were aiding the enemy is part of the problem he was describing? This was supposed to be a helpful clarification?

Survivor in Space

In a deal with the Russian Aviation and Space Agency, Space Adventures has arranged for Mark Shuttleworth from South Africa to be the second space tourist on the ISS, going up in April 2002. The next two tourists may be game show winners. Image World Media and MirCorp are planning to send up the winners from Ancient Astronaut, which seems to be a Survivor-clone where participants visit the site of ancient astronaut relics and do things with tools the ancient astronauts used to use. You think I make this stuff up?

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