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Friday, December 07, 2001 Permanent link to this day
Shoring up the net

A new Federal lab, The National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center, was created by the Critical Infrastructures Protection Act. One of it's first acts will be to draw a map of the Internet to identify places needing protection. I certainly hope they're going to use pencil. [via Interesting People]

PATRIOT analysis

The EFF offers an analysis of the PATRIOT Act as it relates to online activites. [via dangerousmeta]

Support this

The Authority Finder: Type in a statement and it finds quotes to support it. [via jerrykindall]

Brain fingerprinting

Lawrence Falwell has offered his brain fingerprinting technique to federal authorities as a means of telling if a person remembers a specific event. According to this report from the GAO, the government doesn't think it has much applicability. [via also not found in nature]

Elf tribunal

Santa orders Elf Tribunal to determine if Osama is Naughty or Nice.

Mistaken identities

Whose sacrifice?: A letter to the Washington Post from a man saying his bank accounts have been repeatedly frozen because his name is similar to a terrorist's. [via zem]

End of the line for Win95

Win95 is now officially unsupported. [via /.]

Shuttle docking

The shuttle docked with ISS today, delivering supplies and a fresh crew.


Emergency workers responding to anthrax scare at a storage locker in a suburb of Atlanta find more than $1 million in counterfeit cash instead. [via The Obscure Store]

Learning from literature

I don't remember where I found this, it was in my browser when I got home from work: Tolkien on Homeland Defense. Chris Mooney parallels the The Lord of the Rings with today's situations.

Atlantis off Cuba?

Another candidate for Atlantis? Submerged structures have been found off the coast of Cuba. Back in September I noted a find in the Straits of Gibralter.

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