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Sunday, December 23, 2001 Permanent link to this day
Media control

How ten companies control the majority of the world's media. [via Boing Boing]

Reliability on the net?

2002: The Carpetbaggers Go Home: Cory Doctorow takes on the idea that it's possible to have a reliable business model, at least on the level that business is used to, on the Internet because, by definition, the Internet is not that reliable. [via Voidstar]

MPAA wars

Coming Soon: Hollywood Versus the Internet: On the conflict between the "Content Faction" and the "Tech Faction" over what we can do with our computers. [via the null device]

It was just a question

In Sacramento, a Publisher's Questions Draw the Wrath of the Crowd: Janis Besler Heaphy, publisher of The Sacramento Bee, was booed off the stage while giving a commencement speech at California State University, Sacramento because of her comments urging citizens to safeguard their rights. [via Follow Me Here]

Segmented net

Brace Yourself for the Segmented Internet: on the possibility that local censorship policies will increasingly pressure countries into implementing gateways that control access to foreign content. [via Interesting People]

Implantable chips

An interview with the head of Applied Digital Solutions, who's wanting to implant chips into humans for various applications including tracking foreign visitors.

Argentine crisis

The Argentine Financial Crisis: Causes and Cures

The IMF and Argentina's Spiraling Crisis: on how Argentina's currency board and the free flow of debt from the IMF contributed to Argentina's problems. [via wood s lot]

Israeli response planning

Evil Unleashed: on how the Israeli response to the escalation of violence from Hamas and Islamic Jihad has been planned since before the start of the second Intifada. Here is one document she references but doesn't link to: Peace and War: Israel versus the Palestinians - A second Intifada?. [via Unknown News]

Israeli's in jail

From 'Zoomcopters' to a month in jail: the story of Israeli citizens who were brought to the U.S. to work in malls but wound up caught in the post-9/11 roundup.


On the myth that lemmings commit mass suicide.

Afghan snub?

Strange snub to US at inaugural ceremony: on how speeches at the Afghan government transition thanked just about everyone except the U.S. I wonder if they mentioned Canada?

Mugabe election help

Mugabe has recalled Zimbabwe's troops from Congo because they are needed to "help him fight the election" but top army generals are encouraging him to withdraw from the election in order to give ZANU PF a better chance at winning. The leader of the opposition party MDC is accusing Mugabe of state terrorism. The Commonwealth has threatened Mugabe with suspension if Mugabe doesn't stop state violence by January.

Fair Wear campaign

Fair Wear's campaign, called "Support Breasts, Not Dictators", to force Triumph International to shut down it's bra making operations in Burma has gained some ground, with the Norwegian women's ski team pulling out of a sponsorship deal with the company.

What, just one round?

Someone's identified the man who walked into a nightclub in London last month and bought the house a round, running up a tab for over $60,000.

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