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Saturday, December 22, 2001 Permanent link to this day
Extraterrestial stardrive techniques>

Are extraterrestials using antimatter in their starships? If so, they're not within 10AU of us, according to Michael Harris' study using data gained from the EGRET instrument on the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory.

Book list

The Economist's finest books of 2001.

Technology awards

The World Technology Network award winners for 2001. [via bottomquark]

Smart Euro

The European Central Bank plans to embed chips in Euro currency by 2005 to foil counterfeiting.

Star of Bethlehem

Michael Molnar claims to have found the first mention of the Star of Bethlehem outside of the Bible. He says the star was actually a double eclipse of Jupiter.

Endless loop

A team using the Chandra has detected evidence that an elliptical galaxy, NGC 4636, is in an endless cycle of gas falling into the central black hole and causing explosions on the scale of several hundred thousand supernovas.

FBI checks up on museum

Museum staff defends Secret Wars exhibit: on an FBI visit to a Houston art museum, following up on a tip that there was art there that threatened Bush.

Implantable chips

Applied Digital Solutions is pushing to use implantable microchips, called VeriChip, similar to those used in animals for tracking to track visitors to the U.S. [via Unknown News]

Nanotech's downside

Eric Drexler talks bout the downsides of nanotech in a speech at an AAAS symposium on terrorism. [via also not found in nature]

Convoy bombing mistake?

Was the convoy the U.S. bombed in Afghanistan yesterday carrying al-Qaeda leaders on the run or tribal leaders enroute to Karzai's inauguration?

Rashid on Afghan government

Interim government promising, but presents challenges: a report on a talk by Ahmed Rashid on the new Afghanistan government.

Hamas ceasefire

Hamas has announced that it is suspending attacks on Israel until further notice, but Islamic Jihad is refusing to follow suit.

Pakistan relapse?

Pakistan and the Taliban revisited: will Pakistan revert to supporting the Taliban when it starts a guerrilla war from its terrority?

Terror as a political tactic

Bush sends clear warning signals to Pakistan: "With the US president denouncing the attack on the Indian Parliament and freezing the Lashkar-e-Toiba's assets, terrorism as a political tactic is in danger of dieing out". The article is referring to terrorism as a political tactic of the U.S. as well as Pakistan.

Indian/Pakistani war?

India and Pakistan on the brink of war: India pulls its diplomats from Pakistan, which has historically been the start of tit-for-tat actions leading to war. But this time, Pakistan says is doesn't intend to pull its High Commissioner out of India. The two countries have ruled out a meeting between their leaders at an upcoming summit.

Well, they did mumble a lot

Independent translations of the bin Laden tape show the original one released by the Defense Department was not complete.

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