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Thursday, December 27, 2001 Permanent link to this day
Language of war

Language of war claims its own victims: Umberto Eco on the care needed by our leaders when choosing words.

If words carry weight, perhaps it is not the case that we should have philosophers govern, as Plato had it (the results he inspired were disastrous), but at least we ought to fill our governments with people who are better versed in history and geography.

Crackdown on karaoke

Cambodia will be using tanks to shut down karaoke bars. I'm not a karaoke fan either, but isn't that just a little harsh? [via Unknown News]

Trade policy

Textiles and Terrorism: on how U.S. trade policy to protect our textile industry helps keep poor countries poor and contributes to instability.

Giuliani farewell

Giuliani gave his farewell address today.


The European Union is considering whether to go ahead with Galileo: a satellite based navigation system similar to the U.S.'s GPS and Russia's GLONASS. The system could be operational in 2008 with 30 satellites in orbit.

Terror groups

Lashkar e-Tayyiba (LET) and Jaish e-Mohammed (JEM), two Pakistan-based groups, have been added to the U.S. terrorist organization list. LET has already had its assets frozen.

Brixton warnings

The cleric who runs the Brixton Mosque where Reid is thought to have been recruited says he warned police about militant activity there but was ignored. Since the connection to a British mosque was first reported I thought "Brixton Mosque" was a description: a mosque in Brixton. But it's actually the name of the mosque.

Buildup on the border

Map of military buildup on India/Pakistan border, from The Times.

Fires in Australia

Where are the fires in Australia?

It would be blasphemy

'Two Towers' title concerns movie maker, but he won't change it.

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