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Wednesday, December 05, 2001 Permanent link to this day
Al Jazeera translations

WBUR, a Boston public radio station, has daily translations of coverage from the Arabic satellite TV station Al Jazeera.

Holy Land Foundation

A FBI memo offers details on why the Holy Land Foundation was shut down. [via rc3]

Shuttle launch

The shuttle got off the ground today. Docking is Friday afternoon. about 3p Eastern.

Mersenne found

This is slightly old news, but Gimps has found its 5th Mersenne prime: 2^13,466,917-1.

Telescope enhancement

The Very Large Telescope at the European Southern Observatory's Paranal location just got better with the addition of the NAOS-CONICA adaptive optics system. [via BBC News (story)]

Get a grip

A famous French conductor, Pierre Boulez, was held for three hours in Switzerland for terrorism links. The link was apparently based on a comment made in the 60s that opera houses should be blown up.

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