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Orwell Today: Ties today's news articles to Orwell's works. [via Virulent Memes]

Linus on Linux

Linus on the design, or rather lack thereof, of Linux. [via Hack the Planet]

Geeks and Spooks

Bruce Sterling on Geeks and Spooks - "The big story about crypto is a power struggle between two American tribes: geeks and spooks." [via genehack]


Networks and Netwars: The Future of Terror, Crime, and Militancy [via wood s lot]

Janitors in space

Space station crew members went outside today and successfully removed some debris from the hatch where Progress was docked, allowing the hatch to seal.


The Wall Street Journal has a front page column today (subscription required) on the National Research Center for College and University Admissions, which collects annual in-class surveys of high school students. The stated goal is for "colleges, universities, and other organizations" to help the kids transition to college. What is apparently a surprise to many, including students and officials at participating high schools, is that, according to the article, among the "other organizations" is American Student List, which resells the list to businesses which use the data for direct marketing: magazines, newspapers, credit card companies, etc.
Update: Politech has excerpts from the article.

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