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Tuesday, March 19, 2002
Hussein reviews

The Softer Side of Saddam Hussein: his second novel, The Impregnable Fortress is out and the reviews from Iraqi critics are bubbling.

In a similar manner, the writer Amjad Tawfiq said in praise of Saddam's novel that "what distinguishes this novel from others is its ability to weave a string of pearls on which love and war are strung together. And the way it celebrates the fundamental human qualities that refuse to allow war to be an interruption of the affairs of daily life, bespeak an author with a sensitive heart and mind. As for the author's treatment of love in the novel, it is depicted as a spiritual strength which was bestowed to increase and support the ability of the [protagonist] warrior, who gives of himself in selfless sacrifice in order to perform his duties with distinction and bravery in war."


Hey, is there any chance this book might be translated into other languages (particularly English or Spanish)? I would be interested in probing Hussein's works. The idea of him as a romance novelist is hysterical.

Posted by: Virginia on April 28, 2002 08:46 PM
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